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E Liquid

E Liquid
E Liquids have actually been around since 1963 and they were developed as an alternative to tobacco. They are smoked or inhaled via an E Cigarette which uses an electronic heat source. It produces steam flavored air without nicotine. The air can be flavored with different fragrances for the smoking pleasure of the smoker. In this way the individual hopes to curb their tobacco appetite.
In the early days this invention never really caught on because smoking was not viewed as unappealing or dangerous, matter of fact it was thought as fashionable. A Chinese pharmacist by the name of Hon Lik is credited with inventing the modern day e cigarette. His father like him smoked heavily, but died of lung cancer which prompted Lik to develop the e cigarette and liquid.
The e liquid can come in many flavors as mentioned earlier. Just like the colors of the rainbow there are quite a few flavors. Here are some that might be to your liking. Bourbon flavor concentrate, this flavor tastes and s…